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  1. Arch, this is Lou. Do you know why I got kicked from posse? I had already gotten
    50 K points for raid. I am putting in a friend’s e-mail address, mine is messed up. I can be contacted thru Facebook

    1. Hi Lou. I’ll check it out.

      I actually accidentally kicked myself out this round, and I had to get approved to get back in. My son deleted my game for me, then reloaded it.

    2. Dont know what happened Lou. Hang tight, lemme make some room and request back in. It said you left. If someone had kicked you it would have said “Lou was kicked” ….. Weird.


  2. Hey. Lou! It’s Nico. We can’t figure out why or how you were kicked. Please ask to join again. We knew we were losing somebody today. I thought you had left to let Arch in, and am glad you didn’t do that, but we want you back!

  3. Hey Lou! We need to have you request to come bAck. No idea what happened, we thought that you left to make room for Arch, which would have been a generous gesture except we already had a plan, but we didn’t want to lose you!

  4. Hey Arch,

    Group ( and I) miss you and worries you are doing ok. I am getting pressure to drop bottom folks but Paw and I are holding for you this week. Next week we need you in, or I will have no choic, but we don’t want to lose you and wanted to let you know. You are a friend, and we miss you.


  5. Hey Arch, How you keeping buddy. The team all say hi and miss you.
    I know you left for good reason. It is bloody hard and time consuming to showup week after week and contribute.
    We have started a Junior posse, Trainraiders2 with Nic as boss, l dropped the Grumps profile across as Co, if you still are playing or your kids have picked up your profile we would love to have you join us to help nurture players to enjoy the game.
    No pressure and minimal input required. The door to raiders and raiders 2 are always open to you.
    Keep well and catch you round the traps

  6. Hey Arch! Just letting you know we have a Train Raiders 2 posse now and its a lot less demanding, if you would like to play again. A few of the old guard are there including Lou, though she’s on leave, hopefully we will see her back soon, Grumpy and a couple others, and its a good and growing group of newbies.

    Hope you are well, and enjoying the family. Love the pose on the hikes!

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