A quick “urban hike” in Napa.

Usually here at iHikeSF, we do an urban hike in San Francisco, or we do a nature hike through out the bay area. But, today I thought it would be fun to do an urban hike in a town that is slowly transitioning itself from a blue-collar town that supports the wine industry to a now wine destination where you can visit and spend some real money, get your wine country experience, and maybe leave the option to travel north to the traditional Napa wine country.

For this hike, Felicia and I started out at Fuller Park. This is an interesting residential neighborhood to me because it’s full of stately old Victorian mansions, and interspersed with mid-century apartment buildings with some frankly run-down seedy looking elements. One thing I like about this downtown neighborhood, though, is that every July now, they host the annual Napa Porchfest. During the Porchfest, many of the houses in the neighborhood have bands playing on their porch, and you can walk from house to house enjoying different styles of live music. It’s funky, and it’s variable. Some “bands” are playing in a string quartet, while others are doing electronic music. Most, though, are predictably playing classic rock, as you would expect from a local band if you’ve ever spent any time in our North Bay.

From the downtown neighborhood, we walked to the Main Street waterfront to have lunch. We walked up and down the transitioning downtown area, did a little shopping at Kohl’s, and then headed back to the car at the park.

It wasn’t a long hike, nor was it strenuous at all, but I tracked it, and I had fun exploring this town.


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