It’s the Napa Skyline trail after the rain!

Today, with the forecast threatening to pour more rain on us, we decided to head to the foothills surrounding Napa to check out some of the hikes there. I’ve been to Napa a thousand times, but I’ve never gone hiking there. Today, we went, and we weren’t disappointed.

At the gate, They charge $5 for parking. Not a big deal, but kind of a hassle. But the silver lining is that perhaps it keeps crowds away. It certainly wasn’t crowded on the Sunday that we went, but of course, it was a little wet.

The map showing you all of the trails.

Oh, and the other good part, I guess, about paying your five dollars is that the guy at the toll booth gives you a printout of that map. Handy!
At the trailhead, there is a lot of stuff to see. RV parking. Archery range. Disc Golf. A botanical garden. Alright, fine; it’s $5 well spent.

Muddy trail with lots of water runoff going down the path.

When you get to the top of Skyline Trail, there are a couple of overlook points that are worth checking out. When you get up there, you can see the wetlands south of Napa. You can see the George F Butler Bridge that connects highways 12 and 29–Sonoma to American Canyon.

Doing the loop to the lake and back, we went just over 5 miles, and we hiked for 2.5 hours. Not bad for a quick hike on a Sunday morning. The elevation change was moderate; we ascended about 1000 feet.

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