I hike down to ATT Park for Fleet Week 2015

It’s Thursday afternoon during Fleetweek 2015 in San Francisco. I gave myself a longer lunch break and hiked down to the ballpark and back up the Embarcadero. Yes, the Blue Angels were practicing and flying by, but I never really got a chance to video them. And even if I did capture them with my iPhone, I don’t think I would have gotten a very clear shot; capturing the Angels really requires a long telephoto lens.



A clear day, I walked along the ballpark, and up along the piers. At Pier 32, they were giving tours of the USS Somerset, which is a transport ship. To me, it looked like it was designed with a straight edge. I suppose that helps deflect radar. It certainly was imposing. Unfortunately, I was too late to take the tour.IMG_0553

Of course, walking along the Embarcadero gives you a lot of appreciation for the size and strength of the Bay Bridge. The Bay Bridge is a tremendous feet of 1930s engineering, and walking underneath it is a great way to appreciate its mass. While the Golden Gate Bridge captures your imagination with its slender elegance, the Bay Bridge is quietly working away carrying cars back and forth across the bay.


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