Our Favorite Ocean Hike is Land’s End


When we have out-of-town guests come to visit us in the Bay Area, we always try to take them to the edge of the earth at Land’s End. It’s our favorite hike to do because it offers a trail with climbs and descents, and lot’s of majestic views of the Golden Gate Bridge along the way.10347232_985908384762225_4542537487194095118_n 11081415_985908421428888_2090576372601709084_n

To get there, you go to the parking lot at the USS San Francisco Memorial. Even on busy Saturday mornings, we always find plenty of parking there. And, it’s free.

The trail starts out with a long set of stairs descending from the parking lot to the trail below. Its dog friendly, and they have the garbage cans timed just right so you can throw away poop bags once in the parking lot area, and again for the second round about 1000 meters in. Expect to see a lot of other dogs.


At that 1000 meter mark, there is a trail that branches off to the “Eagle Point Labyrinth.” This also goes way down a steep set of stairs that takes you to a rocky beach with crashing waves. This beach has plenty of driftwood for playing fetch, and rocks or pier pylons to sit on to read. When it’s low tide, you can climb on a rock to get a great view of the bridge. You’ll get a lot of unique perspectives when taking pictures.

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Continuing on the proper trail, whether you are skipping the beach or climbing back up the stairs, you can continue to the Sea Cliff neighborhood and Lincoln Park Golf Course. Great views along the whole way.

You’ve tried this hike before, I’m sure. How have your experiences been?

Felicia Abernethy-Lloyd

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