About iHikeSF

Do you love to hike? So do we. Almost every weekend we set out to hike in the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll do urban hikes as well as some of the backwoods trails around here. I work in The City, and this gives me the opportunity to explore San Francisco as if I’m in the woods and I’m traversing the topography just as if I’m walking through canyons in Utah.

I’m not alone in this, right? San Francisco is a city that is 3-dimensional, so for a human who has a brain that responds well to changing elevations with new vantage points, it’s like an explorer’s paradise. You can “hike” to Coit Tower and get a completely different type of view as you get from Russian Hill. And, as you hike from Coit to Russian Hill, you can see a lot of interesting things along the way, like how the shops on Grant Avenue have set up their own map encouraging people to shop there. You can go from one busy street in Chinatown to one a block away that is completely tranquil.

Beyond the urban area, our Bay Area has a lot of preserved parks for us to explore. I live in Lafayette, and next door is Briones park with lots of space to roam, and unlimited trails for my dogs to run. We have Mt. Tam. Angel Island. Lands End. Redwood. Tilden Presidio.

Which hike is your favorite?

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